Forklift Buyers

We buy and sell forklifts of all types, sizes, and manufacturers

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Looking For Forklift Buyers?

Are you looking for Forklift buyers?

Are you looking for Heavy equipment buyers?

Are you looking for Backhoe Buyers in Texas? –

We are one of the largest forklift buyers in the United States. We buy forklifts, lift trucks, heavy equipment, backhoes, cranes, and dump trucks, all at unbeatable and unmatchable prices.  We buy equipment fast and we can pay in cash! has an incredible customer base and a clientele of several fortune 500 companies.  For this reason, we able to restore and refurbish a quickly, then offer it our large client base.  This is the reason we are able to offer you the best price for your used or reconditioned forklift and heavy equipment. We want to assist you in making the right decisions when it comes to buying or selling all of your industrial equipment.

Why choose ForkliftBuyers.coms? Because we will offer you the best deal, better prices and quality services. We  offer the best in customer servcice. We will do whatever it takes to make your experience of selling your forklift easy and pain-free.  Our qualified staff are trained to evaluate and value forklifts.  We believe in keeping the integrity of an industrial warehouse intact.  We can come to you! We can arrange for the pick-up and delivery of your unused, used, or reconditioned forklift in a moments notice. We are fast, and we can pay in cash!

Call us on 1-800-759-6048 to speak to our sales team to assist you, today!

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We Buy and Sell Forklifts

This week, we continue to focus on forklifts.  We buy and sell all forklifts, of all makes and models.   We buy new forklifts.  We also buy used forklifts.

If you have a forklift, regardless of its condition call us and let us make you an offer.  We buy all forklifts, both working and non-working forklifts.

Below are some forklift models that we buy and sell:

  • Toyota Forklifts
  • Crown Forklifts
  • Caterpillar Forklifts

Below are some the type of forklifts that we buy and sell:

  • Four Wheel Forklifts
  • Lift Trucks
  • Cushion Tire Forklifts
  • Gasoline Forklifts
  • Propane Forklifts

We buy forklifts nationwide in the United StatesCanada, Mexico and Internationally.


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Forklift Buyers

Industrial Surplus World is the nation’s leading buyer and seller of new and used forklifts. Based in Houston, Texas, we buy operational and non-functional forklifts of all brands — Mitsubishi, Caterpillar®, Jungheinrich®, Toyota®, and more.We offer attractive prices for your used and surplus forklifts. We provide honest evaluations of your equipment and purchase a wide range of forklifts , operational and non-functional. We buy all major manufacturers.Contact us today to discover how we can make disposing of your surplus forklifts.

We look forward to working with you.

forklift buyers


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